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Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Nylon is your one stop shop for custom tactical nylon gear and nylon gear repairs and modifications.  100% Made in San Diego, CA.  Based on over 20 years of law enforcement and military experience.



What our customers and colleagues are saying about Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Nylon. See what our customers and colleagues in the military, law enforcement, fire rescue, and civlians are saying about our quality tactical gear made in the USA.

Really appreciate your engagement and follow-through on this project...pretty much hit-and-miss when it comes to finding this level of service in the marketplace. you have surpassed my expectations thus far.
— Joseph W. - Washington
You do excellent work. This is high quality material. The sewing is top notch.
— D.R. - West Virginia
It just arrived and it looks awesome! Fits perfectly.
— M.B.
I received the double mag pouch with the grommets in the mail yesterday. It was exactly what I wanted. I am very pleased.
— B.R.
Just took your chest rig to Front Sight for training. It worked perfect! Thank You.
— M. P. - San Diego
Got the bag last night. It looks great! Exactly what I was looking for!
— D.D. - Texas
I did indeed get the vests and I am very happy with them, excellent work. You will be my first port of call if I need custom work done in the future.
— F. M. - Ireland National Police
The side plate bags are perfect. Absolutely what I wanted. Fit is tight and sewing/stitching is great. Turnaround time was fantastic. It was a pleasure doing business with you guys.
— P.M. - Ohio
The chest rig looks great, thanks!
— T.S. - California
Recently, I ordered a MOLLE panel for my truck. I received it today, less than a week after I ordered it. I have to say, I’m more than a little impressed with the quality of the product I received. It was exactly what I wanted, and a bit more. I hadn’t thought about Velcro on the back to strengthen the way I’d planned to mount it, but you all did.
Thanks for the quick service and high quality.
— K.M. - Texas
The MOLLE panel is more than I hoped it could be! An excellent product in your line of manufacturing.
— P.T. - Florida
The bag is here. First rate workmanship! Thank you very much.
— G.N. - Texas
There are very few professions that rely as heavily on the equipment used to complete the mission than professional soldiering. From the outside looking in it is hard to describe to an individual that your life…your men’s life…and the mission can be won, lost, or compromised because of an inferior product. See from my perspective quality is everything. Quality in your work ethic, quality in your discipline, quality in your training, and last but not least quality in the equipment that you outfit yourself with. I have had the fortunate opportunity as an infantry Marine to deploy and use an assortment of nylon products in the harshest of environments under the most austere conditions. And I can tell you honestly I wish I had found Wilde Custom Gear much sooner. I have been issued and tried various products from the big name manufactures and Wilde Custom Gear not only competes with these manufacturers, Wilde Custom Gear surpasses them in quality, design, reliability, and customer service.

Now that I am out of the service and currently a small business owner I have truly realized just what a great product Wilde Custom Gear produces. Not only a product in the physical sense but an overall passion for the experience they provide meeting “you” the customers needs.
For all of my future needs I will only choose Wilde Custom Gear!
— Andrew Farlaino, USMC, 2nd BTN 3rd Marines
John, the parcel arrived, THANKYOU VERY MUCH
I honestly did not expect it to be built with such a high level of quality and care.
Really a beautiful piece,
Thanks so much, I’ll hit you up again if I come up with any more crazy ideas,

Take care mate and thanks.
— S.T. - Australia
I installed the MOLLE panel in my safe and it is awesome! I’m very impressed with the quality and the attention to detail. It is absolutely perfect. I will be placing another order soon.
— W.F.
I received the pack and wanted to tell you that you have exceeded my expectations.
The quality is suberb! It attaches perfectly on top of my FILBE pack.
I know that this CFP-90 patrol pack will last me a life time of use.

Thanks again!
— R.T. - Arizona
Thank you so much for the pouch. It came out better than expected. You are truly an expert, and I appreciate all that you did to make this possible. I love it, and plan on putting a lot of use into it. Thank you for a job well done, sir.
— E.S. - Massachusetts
I emailed you a while back about some sling advice and just wanted to know that I received my order and couldn’t be more pleased with what I ordered.
The quality and craftsmanship were more than I expected. Being a fabricator I am a stickler for fit and finish. No details were overlooked when assembling the items that I ordered. Loose threads really annoy me (not a one to be found on any of the items i bought) and the way all the stitching was terminated looked perfect and very durable. I definitely will be purchasing more of your products in the near future.

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you what a good job you (and all your employees?) are doing and what a relief it is to buy a product, and feel like I received more than I paid for. Pretty rare occurrence these days.

Thanks for all you do.
— D.I.
I got my MOLLE panel you made and I like to say it looks great and the Velcro in the back is a great idea. Thanks for the great customer service since I emailed 3 to 4 companies about customizing a molle panel and none replied till I found your company.
I definitely will be using your company for future projects and gear.
— J.N.
I can honestly describe the quality of service Wilde Custom provide.
They are prompt in responses and their gear quality is phenomenal. I would recommend anyone buying any kind of gear from these guys.
— D.G.
Thank you for shipping the scope and muzzle cover in the midst of your move. The quality is absolutely second to none. Thank you for creating such great products. It may be in the works, but, if you had a full size range / tactical bag, I would definitely be first on the list. If you have one, please let me know.

Thanks again and I will definitely recommend Wilde products to everyone.
— J.B.
I recently ordered one of these safe door molle panels from Wilde Custom Gear.
I wanted to utilize the space available on the safe door and to be honest was less than impressed with the factory options available from Liberty or other manufacturers.
I stumbled upon Wilde Custom Gear on Etsy and went to their site. I ordered the panel after taking the required measurements. It arrived fairly quickly, they were easy to communicate with about the order and answered all my questions.
Here’s a picture of it installed on my safe door. It has 4 lengths of Velcro running the length of the door and sports to screw into the safe door panel. He also makes the magazine pouches shown.
I haven’t put everything up yet but as you can see the customization options are endless and it is very sturdy. I’d definitely recommend this to any safe owner. The guy who owns and makes a lot of the companys items is also a California LEO and has a good amount of experience with gear. Check them out.
I absolutely love what you did for my HSGI chest rig. You’re a genius with tactical nylon.
— B.M.
This item is ridiculously good. This was a custom order to mimic LowePro Protactic MOLLE webbing and it turned out awesome. Super fast turn around too! This shop is great.
— C.H.
So impressed with the craftsmanship of this organizer. The dimensions are perfect. I grossly underestimated the strength if the huge Velcro bands across the back of the piece. They are insta-glued wherever you place this against your carpeted door. Can’t wait to figure and reconfigure the best layout for my safe.
— D.C.
I received my two AR-15 mag pouches (double mag/Multicam) today. I wanted to let you know that 10 round AK-74 (5.45 x 39-mm) mags fit great in these, but it appears you already know that. The 4th photo on the item’s page appears to show the pouch with 2 Tapco 10 round AK-74 mags. The Russian 10 round mags made by Izhmash fit very well also. They are a little shorter and slightly thinner than the Tapco mags which allows them to be extracted a bit easier. The item description doesn’t mention the AK-74 mags so you may want to add that.

As a retiree and OIF veteran, I thank you for your military service. As a former intel analyst with the SC National Guard Governor’s Counterdrug Task Force, I thank you for your law enforcement service. As a new user of your products, I thank you for the excellent attention to detail that results in high quality. I look forward to taking these to the range.
— S.H.
Wilde Custom Gear will allow you to take your safe to the next level!
— The Weapon Blog
I got the pouch today, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much for doing an awesome job.
— J.B.
I love the scope cover, by the way. From what I’ve seen thus far, it blows T**** (another brand) away.
— J.T.
Awesome quality gear - far out performs any of the major manufacturers of MOLLE pouches. I plan to replace all of my current pouches with Wilde gear. If you purchase from these guys, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I wish I happened upon these guys years ago.
— E.G.
Very pleased with the four door panel pistol holsters and one rifle magazine pouch. Fit the panel door of my Liberty Tactical 24 perfectly. Just the solution I was looking for. Quality product, quality workmanship, excellent value. Looking forward to adding another rifle magazine pouch and a couple of pistol magazine pouches. Overall, very pleased with Wilde Custom Gear and their products.
— J.T. - California
I had a horizontal TQ pouch made by John Wilde to my specs with his input as well. That pouch is one of those pieces of gear that you consistently have with you because it simply works very well. I have had it about a year now and it’s worn every uniform day.
Horizontal orientation. I wanted it up front on the belt but not digging into my massive quads  when sitting/squatting for hours on end. Secured to duty belt by two overlapping Velcro straps
I wanted the entire TQ covered to keep debris/contaminants to a minimum. Lowest profile I can get.
Now, John took this design a step further and created a pouch that when you pull the flap open it actually pulls the TQ out into your hand. A  very simple yet nice feature.  That being said, you can wrap and compress the TQ deep into the pouch and pull it tight with the flap creating just about the lowest profile possible.  The Velcro flap has never snagged open on anything and requires a deliberate pull to open. I carry the SOF-TT-W in the pouch and never really notice I’m wearing  it.
I’m not affiliated with John or his company, I’m  just a pain in the ass customer. He can make just about anything nylon and the quality is extremely high.
— J.W. - Florida
I can’t say how much I appreciate the quality of your product. It’s well made and exact to my specification. I expect to make purchases from you in the future and recommend your product to my friends.
— S.M.
I just received the pouch for the Gerber tomahawk. You do amazing work! Thanks so much I will definitely will have a lot more orders for you! Wow!!
— M.O.
At first when I decided to give these guys a try I was skeptical. When the pouch they made for my Gerber tomahawk arrived I couldn’t believe it! This stuff is bomb proof and looks amazing. You will not find a better place to have your custom gear made. This stuff is better than anything you could get from a factory! I definitely recommend these guys and will be giving them a lot of business. The only negative is I wish I knew about them before I retired from the Army!
— M.O.
I received the MOLLE door panel organizer as well as the mag pouches last night and got everything installed. GREAT, GREAT job on the build and quality of these pieces! This thing bolted right in (THANK YOU for the grommet location!!), and the velcro on the back stuck to the liner without any fear of peeling off! GREAT built, GREAT quality, MUCH appreciation!
— B.B.
Fantastic products!!! My safe door Molle panel came exactly as ordered. My order was completed and shipped to my door from California to Connecticut in two days. I highly recommend Wilde Custom Gear.
— B.K.
I received the belt. Everything is in good order. It is a nicely made belt with no imperfections. My satisfaction level is 100%. Thanks again for your integrity and excellent customer service. It is becoming a rare thing in our modern age. Thanks for providing us old school OD green guys homage, it is hard to find. I definitely will continue to be a customer and refer you out to others.
— J.M.
I received the bags Saturday and opened up the box...your pics did your work absolutely NO justice at all! These bags look better than I could have ever imagined, GREAT JOB! Please tell your guys they REALLY knocked this project out of the park, it’s like they were literally reading my mind! I just can’t say enough good things about what you guys did...THANK YOU! From now on when I think or talk tactical gear you guys will be the first recommendation or call I make!
— A.S.
I just wanted to say thanks for my MOLLE panel which finally arrived yesterday (Australian Post is rather slow). It looks awesome and feels like a quality product and is exactly what I needed.
— Australian Air Force Sergeant O.R.
I was wanting to let you guys know that I just received the magazine pouch. It is perfect and works great! I am very satisfied with how the whole process went.
— U.S. Army Sergeant R.R.
I just received the reworked pouches and they appear to fit my belt quite well.
THANK YOU for standing behind your products and process.
RARE these days!
— M.L.
The Safe Panel fits perfect and is top notch work. Thank you so much for the great work and really fast turn around! I’ll be recommending you to all of my shooting friends.
— T.F.
Just received your slim admin pouch and fitted it to my gear.
Really happy with the product, one of the other squad guys had one which he was really impressed with so that’s why I went with your gear.
You’ll be happy to know it’s being used on the other side of the world!
Keep up the awesome work, some of the others guys are keen to get some as well so no doubt an order coming soon!
— C.P. - New Zealand Police
Just wanted to thank you for the phenomenal product. I received it today, and immediately placed it inside my safe. I was amazed at both the quality and fit!

Thanks again!
— A.P.
I wanted to write a quick e-mail to let you know how much I like the custom MOLLE/PALS safe door panels and pouches. I have a SecureIT Agile 52 and it has zero door storage options. Since there’s no carpet and the inner panel is folded sheet metal, all of the standard / generic safe panels don’t work without some kind of modification. Plus, they’re typically very static configurations. The MOLLE panel provides way more customization opportunities. I picked up some industrial strength Velcro strips (2” x 48”) with adhesive backs for about $16, cut them down to 15”, and applied them to the inside of the door at each point where there was Velcro on the back of the panel. So far it’s been rock solid. Worst-case scenario, I’ll drill some holes in the back of the door and secure the four corners in addition to the Velcro. I also have room to add another 2” of Velcro per attachment point.

I love that I can have custom pieces made that fit the exact width of the door, per application. The Malice clips are super-convenient, too.
— S.P.