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Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Nylon is your one stop shop for custom tactical nylon gear and nylon gear repairs and modifications.  100% Made in San Diego, CA.  Based on over 20 years of law enforcement and military experience.

Custom Tourniquet Holder

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Custom Tourniquet Holder

John Wilde

I had a horizontal TQ pouch made by John Wilde to my specs with his input as well. That pouch is one of those pieces of gear that you consistently have with you because it simply works very well. I have had it about a year now and it's worn every uniform day.
Horizontal orientation. I wanted it up front on the belt but not digging into my massive quads  when sitting/squatting for hours on end.  Secured to duty belt by two overlapping Velcro straps
I wanted the entire TQ covered to keep debris/contaminants to a minimum.  Lowest profile I can get.
Now, John took this design a step further and created a pouch that when you pull the flap open it actually pulls the TQ out into your hand. Avery simple yet nice feature.  That being said, you can wrap and compress the TQ deep into the pouch and pull it tight with the flap creating just about the lowest profile possible.  The Velcro flap has never snagged open on anything and requires a deliberate pull to open. I carry the SOF-TT-W in the pouch and never really notice I'm wearing  it.
I'm not affiliated with John or his company, I'm  just a pain in the ass customer. He can make just about anything nylon and the quality is extremely high.

Custom Tourniquet Holder